Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: FEB 2020


1.       Engineering
1.1 How are enhancements and release cycles managed?

Enhancements are developed on our testing platforms and scheduled into new product releases with a minimum cycle of one month and typically two or three months between releases. Internal and external quality assurance platforms are used to soak test new development and documentation is reviewed both internally and externally before release.

1.2 What significant enhancements are foreseen within the next 6-12 months?

Significant enhancements to information collection, verification and management processes are planned, as are extended information publishing capabilities. These will enhance, rather than replace existing processes, avoiding migration or changes to end-user procedures. Web service modules are also to be introduced in order to offer a more customised solution to our clients.

1.3 How often do you do system maintenance?

System maintenance takes place as needed. The duplication and redundancy of hardware configurations in use enable us to accomplish maintenance in a non-disruptive manner by making changes to one system image at a time, while another continues in production.

1.4 Does your system reside in one database platform or multi-database platforms?

The system uses a multi-tiered database platform consisting of development, internal testing, user-acceptance testing and production.

1.5 Does your product include the integration of legacy product coding and database structure?

No. The system was designed and developed for the current software architecture.

1.6 Are there multiple database query languages in your product?

MySQL is the sole database architecture in use.

1.7 Please define areas of your product that are not integrated with one another.

The product areas are all fully integrated.

2.       Data Security, Structure, Storage & Backups
2.1 Are you PCI Compliant? If yes, please specify what level of compliance you are.

We conform to PCI Compliance for online credit card transactions to enable hotels and venues to subscribe to our services. We do not offer a booking engine, so have no other financial transactions processed within our systems.

2.2 How many data centres do you have and where are they located?

Our primary data centre is located in Enfield UK, and our secondary data centre is based in Cambridge UK. A US data centre is also planned for later in the year.

2.3 How many servers do you operate in each data centre?

Our configuration at the current locations comprises of six servers: 4 Enfield and, 2 Cambridge.

2.4 Please explain in detail your system redundancy procedures.

Our production application/web and database servers are mirrored and load balanced within this configuration, as are our mail server and testing platforms. The network is supported by two separate pipes and redundancy within the network architecture, via dual switches. Redundant power supplies are utilised and RAID 10 for disk storage.

2.5 How many times do you backup your data?

Data is constantly replicated and mirrored across servers and additional backups of data and applications take place using regular cycles ranging from daily to monthly, according to requirement.

2.6 Please describe your data warehouse and archive procedures.

Appropriate data is archived daily, weekly or monthly dependent upon requirement.

2.7 Please provide a description of your database platform (i.e. – SQL, Oracle).

Our database platform across the system is MySQL Database Server, currently at version 5.0.95

2.8 What measures do you have in place for data corruption prevention and recovery?

Constant replication of database tables, which are also backed-up on a nightly basis. All database activity will be transactional by the end of the year.

2.9 What measures do you have in place for hardware corruption prevention and recovery?

RAID 10 is implemented on all key servers. This includes battery backup of cached writes.

2.10 What encryption capabilities do you have in place for secure data?

Secure access to data is protected via Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Databases are not directly accessible via web enabled servers but reside on separate servers. Sensitive information like passwords are MD5 encrypted.

2.11 How often do your engineers attempt to hack the system to test vulnerabilities?

We record and monitor all login activity to the system and regularly test login processes for security and for correct and consistent operation.

2.12 Please provide statistics of the downtime of your system in the last 6 months.

The systems have suffered zero downtime in the last six months.

2.13 Please provide statistics on any bandwidth issues over the last 6 months.

The level of redundant bandwidth available to our systems has resulted in zero bandwidth issues over the last six months.

2.14 Please provide your Service Level Agreement on network availability.

Our SLA for network availability is 99.7%

2.15 Is any 3rd party system utilized in your system? If so, please describe in detail.


3.       Technology help desk
3.1 What are the operating hours of your help desk?

Online helpdesk cover is provided 24x7.

3.2 Where are your operational centres for help desk support?

Reading UK and Manchester UK.

3.3 How many employees in each centre do you have working on the help desk?

Six: Three in each location.

3.4 Please provide a list of languages spoken by your help desk employees.

Primarily English.

3.5 Please describe the experience/background of your help desk employees.

Technical and administration with a range of experience.

3.6 What is the average turn around time for a help desk ticket?

Immediate confirmation, average one hour manual response and SLAs for tickets requiring further investigation and code change.

4.       Globalisation
4.1 How many language interfaces do you have in your system? Please list languages currently in operation and those soon to come.

Currently English; Dutch and French currently in development.

4.2 Does your system support multiple currencies?


5.       Administration
5.1 Does your system support multi-level tiered logins?


5.2 Does your system integrate with mid and back office systems?


5.3 Does your system allow for defining approvers and hierarchy?


5.4 Does your system allow for creation of regional sub-instances?


5.5 Does your system allow for user defined fields that define the categories of meetings and to sort reporting by region, etc.?


5.6 Does your system allow for the input of preferred vendors?


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